KeyNote for Windows

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  • V 1.6.5
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  • Security Status

An open Source and Free Form Digital Notebook

Organize yourself and your life with KeyNote an open source and extremely configurable digital notebook that excels in creating lists and organizing information. Download this application free today for Windows PC.

Get Organized

KeyNote by tranglos software is an open source and free form multi tabbed digital notebook that excels at storing information in lists outlines or grids. keep track of finances create outlines for homework or work projects and more. The program is always available even if you're working in another program. Open up a notebook from anywhere and access the information you've stored inside! Once you start using it you'll find a multitude of uses for his dynamic program. Best of all it is open source which means that the code can be modified and customized to your liking if you are a programmer.

Stay Secure

On top of being versatile KeyNote makes use of either blowfish or Idea encryption algorithms in order to keep your information safe. Don't feel like you can't keep sensitive information like work project notes of financial information in your KeyNote notebooks. All of these features are offered up for free. try this versatile and feature filled notebook program today and get organized!

KeyNote is a tabbed notebook with a Rich-Text editor, multilevel tree notes and strong encryption. It's ideal for free-form or structured information.

The application stores many notes within one file. Each note can contain a hierarchical tree of topics. KeyNote features powerful editing, formatting, and search functions, and macros, templates, and plug-ins.

It has an extremely configurable interface and behavior. You can import and export: text, RTF, HTML, and TreePad. It has clickable hyperlinks and the ability to drag and drop, and is freeware and open source.


  • Create and save multiple lists of information
  • Use encryption to keep your data secure and safe from prying eyes
  • Library of macros and add-ins available


  • open source project means lower level of support for technical problems

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KeyNote for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 1.6.5
  • 2.9
  • (373)
  • Security Status

User reviews about KeyNote

  • Julio Juliopolis

    by Julio Juliopolis

    A very useful program. Makes it easy to organize, link, sort, and present information. For example, I use it to work on a book I'm writing. The folder More

  • Luca Spörri

    by Luca Spörri

    very outdated (2001 i think), i dont know why anybody would need this program in 2019

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    a useful program !!.
    this program i found out is a very useful program....
    i use it to store my text files plus it also features encryption More


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